Mission and Vision


The church we are is Christ Centred, Purpose Driven and People Empowering and full of wonderful people who sometimes make a mess, get tired and grumpy, and don't love God or each other as they should but are part of His worldwide family.

Our dream is to become more like Jesus, as the grace and love of God the Holy Spirit works in our lives.
The church we envisage is exciting!
We see a church with hundreds of adults and children from different people groups and different walks of life.
The church is bursting with life with numbers of initiatives focused on changing lives, changing our community and changing the perception of Church.

Get people to Jesus

The church we envisage has a strong sense of family. Everyone has value and everyone has a part to play in God's great story.
The church we envisage is passionate, healing, musical, traditional yet modern where we share the ancient mysteries of the Living God.
Come and join us, bring what you have and who you are as we grow and journey together.