Staff and Leadership

Please find below an introduction to our church leaders and staff members.
WP20140926173550Pro   Sue Mills
Vicar - Rev Andy Bawtree   Verger - Sue Mills
Andy has followed Jesus for as long as he can remember and seeks to love and serve the people of River. He delights in preaching the Gospel and administering the two Sacraments (as all Anglican clerics love to do).   Sue is the person who works behind the scenes to make sure everything is neat, tidy and ready for worship of the Living God.
Churchwarden - Jeremy Fries   WP20151120001
Churchwarden - Jeremy Fries   Churchwarden - Nigel Curtis
Jeremy was raised in the North West of the United States and has a deep Christian faith, a love for the Scriptures and a desire for others to know and love the Lord Jesus.   Nigel came to faith in Jesus at a Baptist Church and has been a faithful disciple for many years. He keeps a watchful eye on all issues technical (amongst other things).
Adrian   WP20151122006
Treasurer - Adrian Fellows   Reader - Lynne Watson
We are well served by Adrian, he is both diligent in looking after the finances and is often found tidying the churchyard. He was raised in the Methodist Church and maintains their fine traditions of worship and Bible study.   Lynne has a background in education and as a Reader in The Church of England puts those skills to good use as she preaches from the Bible and gets involved in our community and across the Dover Deanery and Ashford Archdeaconry.

Margaret Bowers has a long history of pastoral ministry in the Church. She has recently completed her academic studies and will be serving the Lord Jesus in a new pastoral role.

Reader - Margaret Bowers
Margaret has a long history of pastoral work
in the Church. She has recently completed her
academic studies and serves as a Reader with 
a focus on pastoral ministry. She has a big heart
and shares her love of Jesus with others.

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