Our History

In the 11th century the villagers of River built a place to worship the living God and ever since then men and women, boys and girls have gathered in this place.
As part of the Church of England we share lots in common with other churches across the country and work with the other Christians in River and Dover.
People have been baptised in our 1000 year old font ( there's a story about that...), married and had their funerals in the church dedicated to St Peter & St Paul ever since - if you live in the village (even if you don't come regularly) these things are available to you .
The building was rebuilt before Queen Victoria arrived on the throne, and has had various sections renewed, renovated and extended, including a custom made Christian Centre just a few years ago which is in use almost every day of the week.

Some photos : Ss. Peter and Paul, River, Dover, Kent  https://www.flickr.com/photos/jelltecks/sets/72157671790867002